3rd Edition, New Release!

Just for Mother’s Day… my new baby is on Amazon!

This 3rd Edition has a brand new title and cover: “How to Heal Your Life on a Deep Heart Level”!

This new edition has been a labor of love. The new cover speaks directly to the companion workbook, and the new title resonates with more people, instead of creating a question.

When I wrote “On Becoming a Lemonade Maker” it became a work in progress. Some readers didn’t understand the title reference, and so a subconscious barrier was unfortunately created.

After working for close to a year on creating a new title and cover, plus updating some of the content, I was ready to launch my baby into the world. It went live on Amazon, just the day before Mother’s Day! How appropriate, don’t you think?

Click to see Tamara’s Amazon Author page!

Book Description:

“How to Heal Your Life on a Deep Heart Level is a wonderful book for the person seeking the steps for healing and spiritual growth in a way which feels natural and supportive.

It will help you to unlock life’s secrets, the truths behind the truths; to become the person you crave to be, and who the Universe knows were designed to be!

Unlock Your Secret Strengths!

It’s now your time to look inward to move forward!

Tamara has written from the heart in a way that you will feel gently guided and supported; as though you’re sitting down with her, and she’s sharing simply and honestly with you.

As an Observer, Practicer and Intuitive, she has gathered complex lessons from life and has written a how-to guide in a way simple to grasp! Be sure to check out the companion workbook “Love – Art Journal Workbook” to dig deeper!”

Hope you enjoy this new 3rd Edition!


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