Awesome Guests! New book any day out on Amazon!

Any day now my new kid’s autograph/memory book will be coming out on Amazon!

Awesome Guests! Is an autograph book for kids! It’s perfect for birthdays, family events, bar/bat mitzvas etc. 

There’s places to write out the guest list, make notes of the weather on the day, jokes, favorite music… and of course, plenty of pages for the awesome guests to each have a page to write in, draw a doodle, etc.!

There’s plenty of autograph books geared for adults, but this one is kid friendly and fun! 

Give them out as party favors! Keep a bunch on hand for future events! Great gifts idea!

This follows my first kid’s autograph book: Autographs! My Memories from Grade _____

I have more kid’s activity books in the pipeline, so stay tuned!

Autograph and Memory book for birthdays, family gatherings, bar/bat mitzvas and other special events which you want to remember!


2 thoughts on “Awesome Guests! New book any day out on Amazon!

    • Thank you Rita! I hope you’ll reblog! I soooo appreciate your support!

      The Autograph! Book for elementary school is starting to take off! Hoping this book will too! I’ve got a few more in the pipeline!



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