About Tamara Kulish

Tamara Kulish Seating

 My Life’s MISSION?

To help MILLIONS of people!

“For heaven’s sake!” you may say,
“How are you going to do that?”

How? Well, through my BOOKS and WORKBOOKS,

…my Blog articles will add more tools to your growing repertoire
and my healing artwork and photos will encourage and uplift you!


I’ve got a lot of information for you!

Art, Photography, and Philosophical writing are all creative pursuits but one wouldn’t expect to find them together on one website, right? Maybe not with normal people… hehehe! I am however very eclectic… my interests and my outlook on life never seemed to fit into a box!
Let me show you how they all ended up tying together!

My History and HOW I became a Writer!

A little more about Who I am and Why I’m BLOGGING!

Go to Press Kit… (You’ll see Tamara’s Speaking Experience)


Let me show you a few photos from my life!

Tam on top of the mountain Here I am on the very tip top of Mount Lemmon just outside of Tucson, Arizona. While the city sweltered in the summer heat, the temps at the top were cool and comfortable!


Tamara Kulish in Sedona, Arizona Visiting at one of the sites in Sedona, Arizona. I’d like to say it was at the famous Chapel, but since I didn’t note it, I’m not certain of it!



Tamara Kulish Seating

Sitting on a bench in Taos, New Mexico with my daughter (not in photo), when we were driving up to Denver, Colorado. Gorgeous place!

PS: I made all the jewelry in all the photos! When we lived in Tucson, Arizona, I was absolutely blown away with the Annual Gem Show… when my brother-in-law first told me about it, I thought it was an event held at the Convention Center… which is true, but it also takes place in almost every hotel and motel in the city for 2 weeks! It’s vast, enormous, mind boggling, exhausting, wonderful and very, very addictive!

The first year I bought a few strands beads of coral, turquoise, bone, and some tools, wire, and various do-dads I needed to get started making a few necklaces and earrings. I was bitten by the bug! Each year afterwards, I visited different parts of the show in various parts of the city, buying treasured strands of beads to make more jewelry. I made gifts for people… it was great! I miss it now that I’ve moved away!

First came the Art and Photos!
(link to Art and Photos page)

I was a dreamer and a doodler in class, so it was probably a good thing that my artistic training started at the age of 8, when I started taking a few 2-hour art classes per week in my mother’s studio to help fill up the classes, and then at the age of 15 this allowed me to become a teacher’s assistant and take over the running of one of the 3 studios my mother operated.

As soon as I hit 18 years of age I was out on my own and in over my head having rented an expensive studio where I gave art classes… I was still to green in the ways of the business world and not yet equipped to run my own business! Thanks to my dad who saved me from my own folly, he secured me a paid apprenticeship in an Engineering company, where I was able to learn drafting for the Pulp and Paper industry, all before computers were used to generate the blueprints!

When the Pulp and Paper Engineering industry took a major hit many, many years ago, and long-time Engineers and draftsmen were out of work, I chose to go back to school and take computer illustration and page layout classes. This allowed me to surf the employment waves which rocked Quebec during the years when the Province was energetically trying to separate from Canada! These new skills, combined with my earlier training led me to become a fashion illustrator, a medical illustrator, a graphic artist, and even a book illustrator!

Over the course of many years I created many types of art… from hyper-realistic paintings to abstract (and many styles in between those extremes), fearlessly using whichever style I felt best suited the feel of the piece I was inspired to create! I followed my joy and always felt free to express myself in many different styles and mediums, never worrying that I needed to choose only one to conform to other people’s stereotypes!

The freedom I permitted myself allowed me to explore new ideas and mediums, never feeling that I wasn’t “supposed to” branch out from a set box many will find themselves in! I gave myself permission to allow myself complete freedom to explore, to learn and to follow my inner joy, which seemed to threaten many people since they couldn’t seem to easily define me.

I received quite a bit of negative feedback from a number of people in my past, but I believe that by not giving in to their ideas to confine me and quietly following my own vision for my life, I ended up developing my own inner strength… even if I didn’t realize it right away!

Next came the book: On Becoming a Lemonade Maker (link to Tamara’s books page)

When I was in Finland signing the contract for my first illustrated children’s book, my publisher with Edico Oy suggested I create a photo book of the images I had taken of the flowering cacti in the desert and write out some of my philosophical thoughts. Once I returned back to Tucson, Arizona I did create the rough drafts for a series of three books, (which will be published at a later date!) but in the process of the copious amounts of writing I was doing, the Lemonade Maker book pushed itself to the forefront.

Thanks to my publisher I felt empowered to write about the lessons I had learned during my life. I wrote and wrote, filling up many small notebooks I carried around with me. As I rode the bus to get to work, I had many people asking what I was doing, and when I replied that I was writing a book, there were some who laughed at me, not seeing how my little notebooks would ever be able to morph into a book!

After that the Blog was born
(link to Blog Feed page)

Once I finished the manuscript for the Lemonade book and published it, I learned very quickly that I needed to build my “Author Platform”. There were a few different ways of approaching writing the blog, and I opted to continue to be helpful and giving with people… I call it being a “Blue Ocean Thinker”… the Red Ocean is where the feeding frenzy occurs and the wide open blue ocean is where new fresh ideas & opportunities occur and where there is ample room for everyone.

Initially this site was set up strictly as a blog but soon grew and evolved. As I discovered more capabilities of the free site, I added pages for new features. What started out as a vehicle to expand upon what I wrote and share my thoughts and insights grew to showcase my other books, my art and photos, and also to present other artists, authors and bloggers.

Encouraging Quotes
(link to Quotes Gallery on FAA)

I started adding quotes from the Lemonade book to some of my quirky photos and using those to embellish various blog articles… and then I found out that some of my readers were printing out the images, putting them up around their homes and using them to find encouragement… which prompted me to make them available on Fine Art America so everyone can have really awesome finished products!

Would you like to see my Art Resume? Click here!

Click here to read a little history
of how Tamara got started writing!

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