My new website… I hope you’ll follow me there!

My new website…

I hope you’ll follow me there!

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Today’s Inspiration

Spiritual enlightenment (through others teaching/telling you the end results vs. them guiding and providing an environment for each person to process his or her own experiences to be able to learn from them) has become a commodity to sell to others through sometimes very pricey courses.

We each have our own paths to follow, with our own lessons to learn. The best teachers are those who can impart advice and insight on a subject without telling you how or what to think or act.

Surprisingly there isn’t necessarily just one right choice or way for you. Even “wrong” choices can lead us to our greatest growth. So consulting Gurus, Ouija Boards, leaders, teachers etc. in order to be handed an answer or told what to do can end up robbing us of our voyage of discovery.

We each instinctively know when “something feels right” to us, and we also sense when it’s not. Learning to trust our instincts and intuition goes against most of the teachings and conditioning we have received in our lives, but it remains our “True North” our “moral compass”.

Our lives are complicated and often messy, we live both with the results of our own actions and the actions of many other people. There’s no easy way out, just careful work!

When someone tries to tell you a choice you need to make, ask yourself “what do I need to do for MY greater good?”

This one question is powerful because it puts the focus back on each of us, and hopefully helps us to not take what seems to be an easier way out so we don’t rock everyone else’s world!

Always try to see what the lesson is in a situation, and this has a duality: the lessons are both for us to learn and for us to teach (either directly or by the example we set).

By looking for the lessons we can see a little bit of sense in a sometimes very confusing situation. By seeing the lessons we can see how the universe orchestrated things so we can learn (even sometimes extremely painful lessons) for our growth. We don’t usually grow, stretch or become stronger when everything is easy.

As far as life seemingly returning back to the same point over and over? It’s not to punish us!

Life isn’t just a closed loop where we keep returning back to the start point. It’s an upward spiral, where each time we return back to the start point we have in fact travelled incrementally upwards and have learned something which we bring with us on our journey.

Not everyone is aware of the lessons they’ve learned because the increments are so small sometimes that it appears there’s no lesson learned.

By shifting focus to what the lessons are, we empower ourselves to learn. By learning to trust our internal intuitions, we will get in touch with the answers to the question: what choice do I need to make for MY greatest good?

Others can give you insight, inspiration, emotional support and help, but ultimately your spiritual enlightenment will come from within you, from having processed your experiences and the information you’ve received.

Peace to you!

Simply Etta D.


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Pondering at 3 a.m.

My post below was written in response to Alexis’ question she was pondering at 3 am. While most of us won’t ever have to experience what she went through, we’re still faced with our own crossroads in life, and our choices can have deep impacts on many people around us.

I’ve put forth a shift in an oft asked question we tend to ask during these times, and that new question can be a game changer for many people, so I’m sharing it here:

“I read recently that slightly changing an often asked question changes the whole perspective.

Ask: what choice do I need to make for MY greater good?

See how this is different from the old way of asking: “…for THE greater good”?

Too often we’re taught to look at the greater good for ALL, which often meant sacrificing our own needs, desires and dreams so we ended up suffering even more, sometimes for a whole lifetime.

By changing one little word, shifting the focus of the question onto ourselves, “What choice do I need to make for MY greater good” we look at the big picture in a self empowering way.

“Greater good” implies there’s choices which are less than great, but by taking responsibility for our own paths we ultimately do what is best for all around us even if it doesn’t feel that way at first.

When we hide and sublimate ourselves to do something we perceive to be for the greater good of everyone else, we’ve made a choice not to be our authentic selves.

This choice comes at a far greater price, and the long term suffering is deeper.

When other people find out years later we sacrificed our personal happiness/dreams/goals for them, they’re not necessarily happy we did so. Instead many will feel guilty that they were the cause of the internal hardships we endured, in order to keep from rocking the boat.

So, the best and hardest question then is: “what choice do I need to make for MY greater good?”

Even if the choice you choose to make is overwhelming or daunting, it’s best to break it down into simpler and more manageable steps.

You have become a wonderful teacher and inspiration for many, yet in spite of all the knowledge you have gained, you find yourself still a student. That’s good! Why? It means you’re still open! Open to learning, open to change and open to your personal successes!

Peace to you on your path!

PS, I’m reblogging this as I feel it will be helpful to more people!”

Peace and strength to us all as we continue to make choices for each of our greater good!


At 3 a.m. this morning I was pondering the following…

Sitting at a crossroads. Your world has just crashed down around you. When the dust settles there has emerged two big shards that resemble paths. Each one reveals a choice.

One shard shines brightly in the middle to far distance. It offers a promise of a life well lived. Growth, change, showing up as your true authentic self. Vulnerable but with solid boundaries.

Although bright, those shards are extremely sharp, full of splinters and require conscious navigation. To pick that one requires hard work. Knowing with that commitment to do the work you will feel suffering. It’s painful as you look at things head-on and then what is required to live the life you want to live. To be the person you want to be.

The other shard is smoother. Worn down to a pleasant sheen, some rough splinters, but they are easy to spot…

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Today’s Inspiration

Much scarier to think this thought than to daydream about someone else rescuing us from our present circumstances right?

I think in life it’s infinitely easier to daydream that someone else will step in and change our lives as the responsibility for doing it ourselves can feel overwhelming.

Then there’s the matter that if it doesn’t work out that we’d have to bear the responsibility on our own shoulders and that can feel too overwhelming, so it seems easier to search for an outside force.

Yet, what if the universe were waiting for us to act on our own behalf so it could help us in ways we hadn’t imagined?

What if we’re supposed to take the initiative to make the changes in our own lives?

Making big and enormous changes are best handled one step at a time! This makes it much more manageable!

Want to improve your health but need to stop smoking, stop over drinking, eat healthier and start exercising?

It can seem overwhelming to look at ALL the steps needed in order to achieve a goal, doubt creeps in, and we give up hope in ourselves.

Yet, what if you tackled each step by breaking it down into smaller, more doable steps, and only did ONE small thing at a time?

Does it seem impossibly long then to achieve a goal if small incremental steps are used rather than large sweeping actions?

Honestly? The smaller steps are easier to incorporate into our daily lives and then become a permanent part of our lives rather than a temporary effort we try and then give up on, more discouraged than before!

Isn’t it easier to start to go for walks than to tackle a whole new gym membership and fitness routine?

Isn’t it easier to add one serving of vegetables or fruits to your daily meals than to abruptly change your entire diet from a meat eater to a vegetarian?

Baby steps bring about lasting changes because they’re easier to adapt to and thus easier to keep doing!

When we start by these types of baby steps we gain confidence in ourselves that we CAN make more changes. Drop by drop. Step by step!

We all have this power to make changes. Lasting changes happen when we give ourselves the time to adapt to the newness and to feel comfortable with the new step.

Gradually over time we can make permanent changes. As we gain confidence our steps can increase in size and we can do more!

Think about starting small to get started! It may not seem like much, but over time it all adds up!

You can do many small things! We’re all capable of that!


Simply Etta D.


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