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I’m pleased to present a growing list of people who are guests here! I hope you enjoy their articles, and will click through to their sites to check out their work!

Listed in alphabetical order:

Richard J. Bell


Richard approached me when I put out a call to become a guest author regarding his very funny and quirky book. I wasn’t sure what to expect, since “funny” and “quirky” can mean such a variety of things to many people. Keeping an open mind, I started to read his first short story… I liked it and so read another… and then another! I think you’ll enjoy his writing! It’s light-hearted and the endings have little twists!

Introducing a New Guest Author: Richard J. Bell:

Welcome Back a Guest Author: Richard Bell With His Second Chapter From His Book!


Dorothy Berry-Lound:

Halloween Critters

I first became acquainted with Dorothy’s beautiful artwork through Fine Art America, where we’re part of a couple of groups together. I find her vision astonishing, and so when I put out a call for writers, photographers and artists to become guest bloggers here, I was very, very pleased when I saw Dorothy had taken the time to contact me through an article on this blog and had filled out the contact info!

Introducing a New Guest Blogger: Dorothy Berry-Lound:

Welcome back Dorothy: Angels Walk Among Us!


Louise Macaulay:


This series will offer a glimpse behind the secret art world curtain! You’ll get to hear the musings and gripes of a master artist, as she speaks from the heart!

Welcome our new guest blogger: Louise Macaulay:

Welcome back our guest blogger: Louise Macaulay:


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