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“I started making art and taking photos long before I became an author, so it seemed only natural to me that I incorporate those into my blog, later I added some photos with quotes to add interest to the articles.

Now there’s growing galleries of all kinds of artwork and photos!”

My Artwork!

Touch this Sunflower watermarked

Over the course of many years I’ve created many types of art… from hyper-realistic paintings to abstract (and many styles in between those extremes), fearlessly using whichever style I felt best suited the feel of the piece I was inspired to create!

I followed my joy and always felt free to express myself in many different styles and mediums, never worrying that I needed to choose only one to conform to other people’s stereotypes!

The freedom I permitted myself allowed me to explore new ideas and mediums, never feeling that I wasn’t “supposed to” branch out from a set box many will find themselves in! I gave myself permission to allow myself complete freedom to explore, to learn and to follow my inner joy, which seemed to threaten many people since they couldn’t seem to easily define me.

I received quite a bit of negative feedback from a number of people in my past, but I believe that by not giving in to their ideas to confine me and quietly following my own vision for my life, I ended up developing my own inner strength… even if I didn’t realize it right away!

Some of My Quirky Photos…

Well, I’ve been taking quirky photos for years!

All kind of things which captured my attention, be it the way the light was hitting something, the shadow, the mystery, the beauty, the ugly, the pattern… well you get the idea…

I’ve also gotten a lot of strange looks from people who couldn’t figure out WHY I would want to photograph such an odd thing. I liked it that’s why!

I gave myself permission to do this strange thing, and I started adding quotes from the Lemonade book to some of my quirky photos and using those to embellish various blog articles… and then I found out that some of my readers were printing out the images, putting them up around their homes and using them to find encouragement… which prompted me to make them available on Fine Art America so everyone can have really awesome finished products!

These quotes have now been watermarked, since I’ve learned that piracy can be an issue, but I’m providing the direct link to their location on Fine Art America, so if you love them you can purchase a museum quality print or canvas. I’ve got some of my paintings and other photos on Fine Art America and I’m adding to that collection regularly so you can order them for your home, or to give as gifts!

If any resonate with you, please let me know which one(s), and even why!

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on Fine Art America

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How To Save Links To

Artwork and Photos You Love:

Great article: How can you save and organize all the great images, while keeping the embedded links so you can just follow them and make your purchases when you’re ready? You don’t have to rely on the teeny tiny images in the online shopping cart anymore to see how a group looks together!

“I’m so thrilled to offer reproductions of my artwork and photos for sale on Fine Art America!”

  • All the artwork and photos are available for licensing on which can be a great resource for advertising! I’m adding to my inventory of images, so just follow me to be kept up to date!
  • My artwork is available in several different formats as wall art great for the home or office!
  • Now you can coordinate your home decor too, with throw pillows, duvet covers and shower curtains!
  • Need tote bags, t-shirts, cell phone cases for special team incentives or as client thank you gifts? Now it’s made easier!
  • Note cards: With a great selection of different holiday cards to choose from and bulk pricing available, now you can think of ordering cards to mail out for your whole mailing list!

How I’ve got it all organized:

I’ve been adding not only to the collection of images, but to the galleries where I keep them all organized for you to find! I have created galleries by subject matter and recently added galleries by color, so you can make groupings so much easier and color coordinate with every room!

Featured on Home Pages of FAA Groups

Tamara’s Paintings and Artwork

Quotes and Inspirations


Phone Cases


Duvet Covers

Throw Pillows

Tote Bags

Shower Curtains

Children’s Rooms

Holiday Themed

Healing Art








Purple and Indigo

Grey and Silver

Glowing Luminescence and Reflection

Barns and Other Old Buildings

Old Cars and Old Vehicles

Fairies and Mythology

Rocks and Stones

Trees Forests Branches and Bark

Aquariums and Sealife

Birds and Flying Creatures

Crosses and Crucifixes and Churches

Sculptures and Achitectural Details

Surreal Buildings Digitally Enhanced

Old Adobe Building Details

Bricks Old and New

Urban City Art Both Natural and Manmade

Found Objects As Art

Southwest Scenes and Buildings

Memories of Santa Fe in New Mexico

Beautiful Flowers








Contemporary Pressed Flower art

Desert Flowers of Arizona and New Mexico

Surreal Desert Flowers of Arizona and New Mexico

Leaves and Plant Textures

Cactus and Cacti


Wilderness Animals

Red Rocks in Sedona Arizona

Surreal Red Rocks in Sedona Arizona

Surreal Desert Scenes

Water in all Forms


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