What’s the Best Way to Use The LEMONADE Book?

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Questions and Answers about “On Becoming a Lemonade Maker”

Q: Is it necessary to read this book from start to finish? Is it okay to skip around?

A: Some people don’t want to be constrained by a book telling them what order they need to do something in their life! With this in mind, I wrote this book in smaller sections which are easier to digest. Rather than reading it through in one sitting, I do suggest taking your time to ruminate and process each piece which speaks to you.

By all means, read it in the order you feel most inspired to! I give you total permission to set your own pace and to design your own order of learning you wish. No pressure here!

Q: Is it necessary to purchase the workbooks to be able to learn from this book?

A: Writing out your thoughts as you work through these pages will help you to process the information contained here. Some people may prefer to write in their own notebook.

Feel free to use art supplies for journaling; I’ve always found it to be a way to process information and to express emotions which come up.

Q: How is the book divided up?

A: There are 4 main sections to this journey of work: Beginning Steps, Body, Mind and Spirit, with small headings, which are really more like mini chapters, in order to try to break down what seemed to me to be complicated lessons into easier to handle portions, which I hope may then be more useful to ponder and to absorb.

Q: Why the quotes?

A: Sprinkled throughout the book are some quotes which seemed to resonate with certain sections, and seemed to amplify what I was trying to say.

For many years, through many storms and trials, I have found solace and inspiration in various quotes, and so I am passing many on.

I find it helpful sometimes when I come across a quote that resonates with me on a certain day, to keep it in mind, as a source of comfort and to try to think deeply on the thought, so that I can do more than merely feel good for a moment, but to try to digest its message so that my spirit and soul can incorporate it inwards. It has been very helpful to know that someone else has lived through and written about the very thing I might be going through.

At various times in my life, I have written out quotes or even scriptures (not included in this book) which have inspired me in the moment, and put them up on my fridge or the walls, so I could see them and remember them.

The very act of writing one out has a calming effect for me; as I’m writing, I feel each loop of each letter, allowing me to immerse myself in the thought, and to absorb the mini lesson I’m trying to learn. I highly recommend this to my readers: take time to make notes and write out the things that touch and inspire you, which teach you what you need in that moment.

I feel that by writing things out, we take ownership of those thoughts, allowing us to learn, absorb, grow and dig deep down to find our truths.

Since I haven’t always had a perfect memory, I try to absorb the essence of the thought, and not worry about learning it word for word. I can always look up a quote on the Internet if I am in need of knowing the exact wording. I feel the lesson is far more important than the exact structure.

Please note: Nothing in this book is meant to diagnose or to treat any illness or life condition, physical or otherwise, but only as anecdotal thoughts you may wish to explore yourself, by yourself or with the aid and/or supervision of licensed professionals. I can’t tell you what to do, only show you there are alternate paths you may not have opened yourself to before.

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