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Here’s a few links to some of my favorite articles I’ve posted! I’ve got them organized by category and each link will take you to its page on my new website!

Creating Art and Writing

Creating Art Out Of Nothing… a.k.a. Making The Best Out Of A Bad Situation

Do you prefer a White Canvas or Colored for Starting a Painting?

Finding the time to write…

Healing Art… Does it Exist?

Note Writing and Making To-Do Lists… Here’s a cool trick!

What Tools Did I Use To Create the Workbook for Healing Your Life on a Deep Heart Level?

What Was My Writing Plan When I Wrote “How to Heal Your Life” Book?


Fitness and Health

Gym memberships… No time? No money? No problem!

Sleep your way to success … A different take!

This Productivity Trick Will Make Your Snooze Button a Thing of the Past!


Living a Full Life!

10 Steps to Owning Our Happiness

Bringing Peace Of Mind into our lives…

Do you need permission to start your dream activity?

How do you know if you’re in the right place?

How would you find happiness or meaning in your life if you never HAD to work again?

Impatience… “When will the Universe give me what I want?”

It’s all about LOVE! When judging hurts…

Loving Ourselves… means we don’t always put ourselves LAST!

Luck is What Happens When Opportunity Meets Preparedness!

Must You Choose Only One or Two Activities for Life and Retirement?

On Comparing Ourselves to others…

Red Ocean or Blue Ocean? How do you think?

The Power of Positive Words!

We need a Compass… Or more specifically, a Moral Compass!

What happens after you have found what you have been seeking?

What did living with Zero Dollars teach me?

When the elephants poop in the ring… and other unexpected things!

XXX’ed Out! Mistakes and blame.


Making Life Changes

Accepting and Embracing the Depressed Side of Ourselves

A Neat Trick for Setting Goals

A new you! Is this possible?

Choosing Our Thoughts: From Adventures of the Soul!

Fear… What Can Hold Us Back?

Freeing the Prisoner in our Mind

Forgiveness… the mother of a mass shooter learns a profound lesson from the parents of the children who died.

Fulfilling the Human Condition from “Adventures of the Soul”

How to stop being Manipulated!

Is Love Enough to Help Someone Kick a Drug Habit?

Kudos not Kicks each year!

Life Lessons Learned from a Puzzle App on My Phone!!

Making a change… “How do I take that first step?”

Manifesting our Thoughts: More from “Adventures of the Soul”… The missing ingredient!

Raising Our Level of Consciousness from “Adventures of the Soul”

The dangers of Us VS Them thinking…

Time to Change the Negative Tapes!

Want another dose of gratitude with that?!

“What if it really were up to me? Could I do it?”

“What kind of love do I allow in my life?”

“You’re wrong about that!”


World Views

…and I wish for Peace… and Healing

Is there anything YOU can do if you want to ‘Save The World’?

Tam on top of the mountain

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Live your life while you have it - navy 72 dpi

Your Life Is Your Message To The world. Make Sure It’s Inspir

Your Fear Is 100% Dependent On YOU For Its Survival

You Can’t Start The NEXT Chapter Of Your Life If You Keep Re-

The Expert in Anything Was Once a Beginner

Some Succeed Because They Are Destined To, But Most Succeed Beca

Only Put Off Tomorrow What You Are Willing To Die Having Left Un

No One Is In Charge Of Your Happiness Except You

No One Can Make You Feel Inferior Without Your Consent

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