Personal Growth and Healing Articles!

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I’ve got them organized by category!

Attitude/ Character:

11 Ways Negativity Is Ruining Your Happiness (& How to Change)

Compass… Or more specifically, a Moral Compass!

Endorsements… What DO we stand for?


L – Laughter, It’s About a Sense of Humor!

Radical Acceptance

Why a “Bad Luck” Mentality Is the Key to Mediocrity


Creativity/ Art:

Creating Art Out Of Nothing… a.k.a. Making The Best Out Of A Bad Situation!

Finding the time to write

How To Save Links To Artwork You Love:

Inspiration! Some Sources I Pull From.

One of my articles is on 1stAngel Magazine! (Here it is: An Insider’s Secrets to Healing Art!)

What Tools Did I Use To Create the On Becoming a Lemonade Maker Workbook?

What Was My Writing Plan When I Wrote My Lemonade Book?

White Canvas or Colored for Starting a Painting?


Exercise and Movement:

Gym memberships… No time? No money? No problem!



Fear… What can hold us back?


Freeing our Spirit/ Moving Forward:

Accepting and Embracing the Depressed Side of Ourselves

Blue Ocean Thinking? What’s that?

Do You Need To Give Yourself Permission to Start That Dream or Activity You Really Wish To Do?

Focus on our THOUGHTS and bridge the GAP between Religion and Non-Religion

Freeing the inner prisoner of our mind.:

Feeling Guilty About Doing Something For Yourself?

Lessons I learned from a Break in Blogging

Making a Change… How Do I Take That First Step?

More Than Milk and Honey for Anxiety

Must you choose only one or two activities for Life and Retirement?

On comparing ourselves to others…

Time to Change the Negative Tapes!

What Does The Fox Say? Anything About Mistakes?

What If It Were Really Up To Me? Could I Do It?

What Peace of Mind Brings

Why we need to stop being Super-Heroes!


Happiness/ Fulfillment:

10 Steps to Owning Our Happiness:

How Would You Find Happiness or Meaning in Your Life If You Never Had To Work?

Impatience… When Will the Universe Give Me What I Want?

What happens once you have found what you have been seeking?

When the elephants poop in the ring… and other unexpected things!


Healing/ Addiction:

An Insider’s Secrets to Healing Art!

 Detoxing with Frozen Lemons!

Healing art – does it exist?

How to make an extract of Frankincense and other Oleoresins

Joint Pain, Arthritis and RA… My Personal Tips!

“Kick’um” Juice! For Cancer (?), Joint Pain and the Immune System!

Is love enough to help someone kick a drug habit?



Divide and Conquer… The Start of Racism

Reposted: Martin Luther King, Jr.

Today’s Experience With The Trail Of Tears



What Kind of Love Do I Allow in My Life?


Mentoring and Motivating:

Inspiration! What inspires me to write and create?

What is Life Coaching anyway? What’s the difference between mentoring?

Would I motivate a class full of High School Sophomores, or bore them?


Resolutions for better living:

About Setting Goals for a New Start in Life

…and I wish for peace!

A New You! Is This Possible?

Let’s get everything in place to kick-start the New Year!

Declare your independence this Independence Day!

Life Lessons Learned from a Puzzle App on My Phone!!

Living what I write… Stepping up!

Red ocean or Blue ocean? How do you think?

Sleep your way to success … A different take!

Want Another Dose of Gratitude With That?


Work Related:

8 Tips for resume writing and job search learned from working at a job placement service

A Response to Long-term Unemployment!

Job titles… Still valuable?

Note Writing and Making To-Do Lists… Here’s a NEW trick!

Take a look at how 2015 went for me!

This Productivity Trick Will Make Your Snooze Button a Thing of the Past!

What Is Life Coaching Anyway?

What? Personality changes from long-term unemployment?

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Tam on top of the mountain

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