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You’ve heard of the expression that
“It takes many drops to fill a bucket”?

Well have I got lemonade drops GALORE for you!

Here’s the MAIN book!

How is it that a person even thinks of writing a “personal development” book?

I never realized that I was an “Intuitive” who received powerful LIFE INFORMATION seemingly by osmosis… I didn’t realize until I was much older that it wasn’t “normal” to have my mother sit me down at the kitchen table with a cup of tea from the age of 8 or so, and ask me very deep questions about LIFE and what she needed to say and do in certain life situations!

I just KNEW some information and being so young I couldn’t have learned it from life experience. However being so young I didn’t know how to put it in terms that gave her a choice, so when she put something into practice and it didn’t work out the way she wished, I got severely punished for “giving her the wrong information”. This was the start of shutting down my abilities because it became to be associated with physical pain of corporal punishment!
(In 2016, at the age of 54 I’ve finally reached a point of feeling courageous enough to reveal this part of me and to incorporate it into my message to you!)

1) Read more about My Juicy History and HOW I became a Writer!

2) Read more details about my background, art and writing

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The art journal workshops have been designed to work hand-in-hand with
“On Becoming a Lemonade Maker”, asking you questions,
prompting you to write about specific things.

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“You have compiled in one place an encyclopedia of knowledge with personal experience that touches the heart of women that no clinical approach can. Combined with what is spiritual, this is powerful…”

“I have the book in my kindle library and although I have read it three times, I go back to it whenever I can focus on its contents by subject and absorb what I need to remind me of my direction.”

“Thanks so much for putting your life experience and knowledge in a book for all to heal from including me as I continue to grow and become the person I knew was inside; the inside and outside are more in harmony. The work of healing is such a joyful thing now.”


An Awesome Review and Interview by Ann Livi Andrews!

An awesome book review for On Becoming a Lemonade Maker!!! :^)

Your Worst Critic Turns into Major Fan!

Missing or Rejected Reviews on Amazon… 


What’s a book without a WONDERFULLY thought out way to put these new lessons into practice? 

Here’s the FIRST workbook in the

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Years ago I gave some awesome healing art workshops and the
energy there was so positive and incredible!

I knew that art is a powerful tool in therapy, and have found when I gave private art classes that strong themes of therapy and healing  became part of the fabric, however,
the healing workshops were specifically designed to use art as a tool to unlock the barriers in the brain and help the participants to see the hidden messages their souls wished them to see!

It took me a period of intense work and experimentation to develop this first workshop!

This workshop isn’t just a great source of information
and lined pages to write your thoughts!

 These pages have been designed to combine writing with art in a NEW WAY to help free your mind and engage your subconscious mind to see patterns and connections in your life, which you may have overlooked before!

What topic did I start with and why?


the effects in our lives, for better or worse…

It’s a very difficult topic to develop into an art journal workshop as a workbook! Why? Well the meanings of love, with all the positive and the negative permutations, means such different things from person to person, and without the artistic aspect, well it’s just another workbook!

This workshop I’ve created helps to reveal the realities in relationships, to discover the inner truths you may hide from and to see what your next steps need to be, without anyone telling you what is best for you!

 So, how can this subject be handled without taking a clinical approach or taking a preaching stance? How to connect with people on a personal level and be able to get under the surface to the deeper issues?

Well, by incorporating art and visual symbolism, the barriers lower in the brain to allow us to make the necessary connections for growth and healing.

By including the chapter about Love from the book with careful visual triggers, the inner work normally requiring sometimes years of introspective search can be compiled and developed here in this journal. It may not happen all at once but develop more gradually over days, weeks, months… well, however much time you need!

Sprinkled throughout these pages are places to write, doodle and draw, the symbolism is intentional, so if you feel pulled in or affected intellectually or emotionally, please follow that thread… it will lead you to where you need to be! It’s okay to skip around, jump to the back pages to write or draw, come back where you left off…

 You just may surprise yourself!


“I think the idea of the workbook is brilliant and I think people will find the content very helpful. It is certainly very ‘on trend’ with the doodling/colouring aspect.” – Dorothy Berry-Lound, Managing Partner of HOST Policy Research, Reiki Master and Artist, Italy

I really like it a lot! Everything I have read has just been fun and easy to accomplish. I could really see myself doing this as a workshop in the schools and using it for therapeutic mindfulness, even individually!  L. Rich, United States

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Keep the memories of this grade! Get your friend’s AUTOGRAPHS! They get to write out messages for you to remember them at this age, draw their face, write the best jokes! Ask your teachers to write what they’ll remember about you!

Have fun! Draw! Color!

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  1. I’m fascinated by the concepts, processes and intended outcomes expressed here. The approach seems different, fresh and deserving of attention. I’m following the blog and shall certainly look at possibilities soon.


  2. Hi Tamara, it’s a pleasure to meet you! I found your site through a comment of mine you “liked” on another blog and I’m so glad I did. When I saw the title of your book “On Becoming a Lemonade Maker” I was intrigue and had to explore more. I can’t wait to read your perspective on learning more on how to get through some of life’s toughest struggles. ~Steph

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